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Do you love watercolor paintings?

If you're answer is yes, but you don't like the matting and framing that comes with it, I have good news.
I can and have painted watercolors on canvas. Painting watercolors on canvas is becoming more and more popular. There are those collectors that love their watercolors on paper, I paint many pieces on traditional support, which is paper, but there are also those, that rather have something, they can display without a frame or glass. 
That is where I come in. I have painted many watercolor and ink on canvas. I did a recent commission of a larger piece you may see me paint it in this video. On the left is a detail of a watercolor and Ink that I painted on Russian Linen. Both paintings are sold, but if you contact me we can talk about your painting.

Ginette Painting Watercolor and Ink Sunflowers and Poppies Provence from Ginette Callaway on Vimeo.

 So please contact me if you are interested in having me paint you a watercolor and ink on canvas. 



Ginette's work and style of painting is an evolution from impressionism, post-impressionism infused with a pinch of expressionism, to what she calls now her style "Nouveau Impression Art". 

Her palette is a spectrum of perfectly balanced complementary colors gracefully merging to create art that jumps off the canvas, colors that delight and scenes that evoke emotions, memories and stir the heart. Over the years she evolved and gained confidence in her technique that is uniquely hers. She mixes her own colors, creating amazing effects, rarely seen in an artist that is self taught. Ginette is raw talent, sincere and unabashed! 

Roots of trees come alive, skies become illuminated, water reflection are a world on their own, ripples of layered bright hues are a trademark in her paintings. The thick, rich, and multidimensional brushstrokes add to the dynamic vigor and spirit of every piece.

No matter if she paints in oil or watercolors, no matter if she paints a flower or a face, she imbues a life-force and magic in to the art. Her art is complex and unique, impossible to replicate. Her intuitive motions with brush or knife come from a place ruled by her own imagination and fearless approach to painting.Skies are illuminated, floral tableau filled with textures, each exuberant stroke carries its own weight, meaning, significance, and power. Her blues, violets, rich reds, and sunshine yellow hues pop with magnificent glow."Nouveau Impression Art" is Ginette's Art. "Nouveau for New" and "Impression" for what her paintings do to the unlocker, leave a strong and visually intoxicating Impression. 


My advice to women artists "Own what you do and who you are"

April 13, 2015

When we hear about the ‪#‎Impressionists‬ we usually hear the names of‪#‎Monet‬ or ‪#‎VanGogh‬ (post ‪#‎Impressionism‬) both of course were tremendous and I admire their work. Unfortunately we seldom hear about ‪#‎Mary‬ ‪#‎Cassatt‬ herself an accomplished Impressionist artist. Of course throughout History women have taken a backseat when it came to recognition of their contributions to society outside bearing children and taking care of family. Female painters or writers were an apparition in those days. Today there are many but recognition is still hard to come by and men still demand more for their work and are taking more serious. One thing I noticed about men and women when it comes to their art or skills specifically. Men never apologize... Continue Reading →

UPDATE: New Oil Painting Work In Progress

February 14, 2015

I was inspired to paint this from my excursions in the the wetlands of South Georgia also known as the Okefenokee.  Land of the trembling waters. Where Herons soar and Lotus bloom. Where the sun creates magic and sparkle atop the dark mysterious waters. A land untamed by human hands, filled with the aroma of tannic water, sounds of unseen live. As my canoe glides along the watery path the lily pads and water grasses dance in the ripples. A heron flies up and out of sight. This is an original oil painting The dimensions are  36 inches tall and 24 inches wide (91.4  x 61 Centimeters)   This painting is finished , you can now see it and purchase... Continue Reading →

Copperhead Snake Oil Painting Article In "The Wild Garden" by Rupa Sengupta

February 05, 2015

This article appeared in the Times Of India "The Speaking Tree" and was written by Rupa Sengupta. In The Wild Garden In the paradise of the natural order, Ginette Callaway’s copperhead snake sheds the burden of its demonisation, writes Rupa Sengupta.In Georgia, US, copperhead snakes often get trod on for being hard to tell from the ground. Freezing when frightened, they get run over on the roads. They bite, but only when in danger. With hourglass-shaped marks on their yellowish bodies, these shy, water-loving reptiles thrive in the Okefenokee.Home to wildlife from heron and crane to otter and black bear, the Okefenokee is a wetland run through by the borders of Georgia and Florida. Visitors who go canoeing there speak... Continue Reading →

Oil Painting Cypress Garden Wonder

February 04, 2015

Cypress Gardens South Carolina Oil Painting