• Oil Painting by Ginette "Finding Magic"

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Work In Progress "In The Garden"

December 18, 2014

So I am working on this huge oil painting. It's on fine Belgium linen. Each side is over 50 inches, enough to stretch it and have a 50 x 50 inch painting.   Update Dec 18th 2014 It's still a work in progress.I think I will call it "Finding Magic"Here you can see I stapled the linen to my painting wall.      ~~~~~ Dec 17th 2014         Continue Reading →

Impressionist Oil painting Crimson Moon sold to Collector in Nevada!

December 04, 2014

I can not wait to paint another large painting. Larger then this even. This was only a 36 by 36 inches (91.44 by 91.44 centimeters) and it was a commission for a dear long time collector.In the Garden of Good and Evil Crimson Moon. A huge sheet of Belgium linen is going up on my wall and I am going to keep you updated on the progress of the painting. I am still contemplating what to paint. For the longest time I wanted to paint a large wildflower type field with lots of butterflies, something really magical, amazingly beautiful that would make anyone heart just sing. So maybe that is what I will paint. A landscape of my beloved Okefenokee swamp, maybe misty... Continue Reading →

2015 Ginette's plans, hopes, dreams and goals.

December 03, 2014

Plans and ideas are sprouting in my head. There are many things I must do, to become more successful as an artist in 2015 and beyond

The time has come to aspire to a new level. Sell more art, become more visible. Exposure is extremely important. No matter how good my art is, if nobody sees it, it won't sell.
After much contemplation and eye brow pulling, I know, that the one thing I need most and have the least of, is EXPOSURE! 

Getting more of it is what I must do in 2015 and beyond. 

So far I have created my two main websites ginettefineart.com, which has been up for many years. A few months ago I created ginettecallaway.com, this is where all my paintings will be featured and this is where interested collector will be able to buy them, from now on. The trick is getting the word out to the right people i.e people that will buy art.

Ginette Callaway Represented by Xanadu Gallery Scottsdale Arizona

November 17, 2014

Ginette Callaway represented by Xanadu Gallery