Vincent Van Gogh Inspired Watercolor by Ginette Callaway & Art Calendars Van Gogh & Hiroshige

Some of my latest paintings inspired by Vincent van Gogh and My Recommendation for your 2015 Art Calendar


Avenue of Poplars In Autumn



The aroma of autumn is in the air. Soon there will be colder days here in Georgia where I live and work. I look forward to them. The colors of the leaves will change, and we all will be busy with all sorts of Holiday preparations. I love Autumn next to spring it is my favorite season. ~~~~~  I decided to pull out my Van Gogh book and look at some of the paintings he did that play around Autumn. I found "Avenue with Poplars in Autumn". A scene of Poplars that have changed colors, but a hint of green is still attached to them. A women in a coat is walking out of the painting on the bottom right, with long shadows following her. I decided to paint my version of it. A bit more colorful then that of Van Gogh but it's how I see Autumn, a happy season.

I painted a watercolor and ink. If you are interested in the original art please visit

Starry Night After Vincent Van Gogh

To purchase the original painting please visit   


After Vincent van Gogh Starry Night



Bridge In The Rain After Hiroshige


2015 is right around the corner and this year I decided to get my calender early. I selected some art calendars that i hope you will like out of the hundreds of calendars available through this affiliate. It's a great place to shop for calendars and shipping is almost always free. Click here to see main page with all the categories from art to travel nature and so much more,

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Hiroshige Wall Calendar




Vincent Van Gogh Wall Calendar

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