Work In Progress "In The Garden"

Update June 9th 2015


It took forever for this huge painting to be dry. it had to be totally dry before I could safely move it outside to take photos.
Here is a photo I took now that it is finished

I used magnets to adhere it to the metal. It's a pretty good system.
If you are interested in buying this painting please contact me. I will list it her eon the web site

Huge Cat In The Garden Oil Painting by Ginette

Update: Jan 16th 2015

I can't wait to take my huge Cat & Peonies in the garden painting outside to take a good photo. Tried to do it a few days ago but some areas are still not 100% dry and I don't want to chance moving it. Soon!


So I am working on this huge oil painting. It's on fine Belgium linen.

Each side is over 50 inches, enough to stretch it and have a 50 x 50 inch painting.


Update Dec 18th 2014

It's still a work in progress.
I think I will call it "Finding Magic"

Here you can see I stapled the linen to my painting wall.




Dec 17th 2014





Ginette Callaway
Ginette Callaway


I am an independent, self supporting artist and Renaissance woman, working full time on my art. I absolutely love what I do. Creating art consumes me. I paint original art with oil paints, watercolors, also ink and pastel. My original paintings are on My art prints are on and over 1000 pieces or art prints, that includes some of my earlier work and many abstract pieces.

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