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Work In Progress "In The Garden"

by Ginette Callaway |

Update June 9th 2015


It took forever for this huge painting to be dry. it had to be totally dry before I could safely move it outside to take photos.
Here is a photo I took now that it is finished

I used magnets to adhere it to the metal. It's a pretty good system.
If you are interested in buying this painting please contact me. I will list it her eon the web site

Huge Cat In The Garden Oil Painting by Ginette

Update: Jan 16th 2015

I can't wait to take my huge Cat & Peonies in the garden painting outside to take a good photo. Tried to do it a few days ago but some areas are still not 100% dry and I don't want to chance moving it. Soon!


So I am working on this huge oil painting. It's on fine Belgium linen.

Each side is over 50 inches, enough to stretch it and have a 50 x 50 inch painting.


Update Dec 18th 2014

It's still a work in progress.
I think I will call it "Finding Magic"

Here you can see I stapled the linen to my painting wall.




Dec 17th 2014





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