Oil Painting Cypress Garden Wonder

Here is an 18 by 18 inch oil painting in progress.


I am using a photo I took at Cypress Gardens while gliding through the dark waters. It was very secluded and there was nobody else there my husband did the navigating and I took photos. Really must go back. I'll try to post as many photos throughout the process. 

The painting is finished. Watch this 15 second animation

Progress of Cypress Garden Oil Painting from Ginette Callaway on Vimeo.


Ginette Callaway
Ginette Callaway


I am an independent, self supporting artist and Renaissance woman, working full time on my art. I absolutely love what I do. Creating art consumes me. I paint original art with oil paints, watercolors, also ink and pastel. Additionally I use the photos of my art or scans to create mixed media, where I use digital tools to layer texture or change the colors of these original paintings. Not a day goes by where I don't create something new. My original paintings are on ginettecallaway.com My art prints are on ginetteprints.com and over 1000 pieces or art prints, that includes some of my earlier work and many abstract pieces are on http://www.imagekind.com/artists/GinetteCallaway/all/fine-art-prints

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