Dear Vincent helped me with this one. I think!

Do you believe in the dearly departed having an eternal presence in an invisible realm in our dimension? I do! Nothing is ever totally lost. Bodies may be gone but spirit remains and in our memories they live on. When I painted this I felt as if my hand, my brushes were guided by and invisible force.

I placed a few of my darling pink tea-roses, that just started to bloom, in a little vintage vase and painted this 24 by 18 inch oil.

The painting just flowed so easily out of my brushes and knife, this is not always so. Sometimes I struggle and nothing seems to want to go my way on canvas. So when a painting comes out so easily it is a wonderful feeling. I keep looking at it, so really beautiful.

I think I must have had help from the eternal heavenly realms. I think Vincent is looking down, approvingly nodding his head, saying: "Yes this one turned out pretty good Ginette!"

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Here is a heads up for those that view images of my art on an ipad. The colors on Apple devises are a bit more muted then the my actual paintings. I noticed that when looking at them on my Ipad Mini. Viewed on PC the colors are usually more saturated and closer to the original art.  So keep that in mind.

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