Paint Over Project or The Reincarnation of Older Paintings

I am starting the "Paint Over" Project. From now throughout next year 2016. 

I will paint over older paintings that haven't sold. Not all older paintings but some of those that I personally don't like anymore. 
I start with covering them in ‎gesso‬ and then use the canvas to paint something new on top.
This has been done and is done by artist through history.
One reason is is that it makes no sense to keep these ‪‎older ‪‎paintings around, while there seems to be no interest in them and I simply don't have the room to keep them while painting new pieces.

So out with the old to make room for the new.
Anyone who wants to buy any of these piece is welcome to while they are still available. If you don't like the price just make an offer and I see what I can do within reason. I will donate to registered charities but you would have to come and pick them up. Just contact me.

I already gessoed over one large piece. See my blog to follow the reincarnation from one painting to white canvas to new painting.

Here is also a wonderful article that examines a ‪‎Picasso‬ ‪‎Painting‬ and also VanGogh shows other paintings underneath.

Very interesting. Artists like ‪‎VanGogh‬ and myself included, had to reuse canvas of unsold works because they were just not able to keep buying new canvas. Canvas is expensive these days too.
It really is a matter of ‪‎money‬ and ‪‎space‬.

See paintings that will eventually be painted over in my "Paint Over Project Collection" CLICK

I am starting with this large one


If you like you can buy a print

Art Prints

Ginette Part One Large 40 by 60 inch oil painting from Ginette Callaway on Vimeo.

Ginette Callaway
Ginette Callaway


I am an independent, self supporting artist and Renaissance woman, working full time on my art. I absolutely love what I do. Creating art consumes me. I paint original art with oil paints, watercolors, also ink and pastel. Additionally I use the photos of my art or scans to create mixed media, where I use digital tools to layer texture or change the colors of these original paintings. Not a day goes by where I don't create something new. My original paintings are on My art prints are on and over 1000 pieces or art prints, that includes some of my earlier work and many abstract pieces are on

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