How do you stay creative Ginette?

Ginette doing computer work in her studio

A question that seems to be natural is "Ginette, how do you stay creative?" 

After almost 20 years of daily creative work it's not always easy, to stay creative. I make it a point to learn something new, do something new and different regularly. I explore new mediums, I change my subject matter, I take a few days off and do something very different that I enjoy. I go for hikes. I read books about my favorites painters and get inspired by their live stories.

There are many other things I like to do and actually do. I LOVE baking bread. Artisanal breads. I like to learn something new every day. I read about plants, nature, science and out of this world topics. I am interested in almost everything.

These breaks from paintings give me fresh ideas. I visit with friends which I enjoy and engage in conversation. Mostly I am a loner type person and like solitude. So when I go out, to have some visits, I look forward to my quiet time in my studio with my cats. I have three. Used to be five but they are all older now. And mama cat passed away a couple of years ago.

So staying creative isn't really very hard because creativity is my genes and if I take an absence, I will miss it in no time at all.

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Ginette Callaway
Ginette Callaway


I am an independent, self supporting artist and Renaissance woman, working full time on my art. I absolutely love what I do. Creating art consumes me. I paint original art with oil paints, watercolors, also ink and pastel. My original paintings are on My art prints are on and over 1000 pieces or art prints, that includes some of my earlier work and many abstract pieces.

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