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How times flies when you love what you do.

by Ginette Callaway |

The other day I looked at the clock on the wall and was shocked to see it was already 6 PM.

Did I not just get up? Was it not just 8 AM? I realized that time seems to go by so fast, every day. Not enough time to do everything I want to do.

I really love painting. I really love doing what I am doing. I remember MANY years ago, in Germany, I worked in sales for a record label. In the beginning it was cool, but it got old real fast. We had quotas. So many records to be sold every month. Oh yes, that was records not CD's and not digital downloads back then. I was good. I reached my quota and then some. So after a few months they raised the quota, if you reach it it was raised again. It was a game, a game you could not win. The objective as to make sure you really don't reach it, because if you do, you make more money.

The point came where it was practically impossible to reach the sales quotas. Well I figured the game out real quick. It was a game, where one side sets all the rules. That's when I said, no use trying. I hated my job after that. I could not wait to leave every day to go to a friends house where I sometimes took care of his animals, when he was out of town. He had horses, goats, ducks, birds pot belly pigs. it was a riot.

Then I headed over to a country stable where I had my own horse. That's when I was in heaven! The next day the same game, back to my hated job and the day dragged on like molasses in cold weather. Today my days are filled with things I LOVE TO DO! How lucky am I. Only wish I were 20 years younger!

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