Hummingbird oil on paper commission finished.

So my 2nd #hummingbird #painting for my client from #Florida was a success. She loved it and bought it. Now she has two. She was the one of the nicest person to paint for. She pretty much gave me free rain and I could pour myself into the idea of large red poppy heads and lavender plus two #hummingbirds and make it work, so it would still harmonise with the first one she bought.
Hummingbirds on Red Poppies and Lavender
I am thinking what should I paint next. I thought maybe a mockingbird.

I sat outside early this morning enjoying a cup of #coffee and my #Mockingbird was singing and yodeling, it was a real joy. It's that time of year when they all look for love.

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So I think this has reached it's crescendo and can be called finished. 

Have to let it dry for 1 week or two. and Then if goes off to my client, where it will hang next to the other Hummingbirds painting. Provided she loves it.

Two hummingbirds oil on paper.

Detail Image one
Hummingbirds oil painting detail 1

Hummingbirds oil painting detail 2



I have been laying down some colors and it needs to dry before I continue later today. 

Here are some pictures. The colors I am working with are 
Williamsburg: Cadmium Red Medium, Hazy Blue, German Earth, Cobalt Yellow, Cobalt Teal, Cobalt Turquoise, French Terra Verte, Provence Violet Anise, and of course Titanium White from Blick.

I am also filming but it will take some doing to get it all together and uploaded since my computer isn't handling that much data too well. So in order to stay focused on the painting and not get sidetracked with video tech issues, I won't post video until the commission is completed. I'll post more pictures.

Commission painting oil on paper Hummingbirds and poppies 1

Commission painting oil on paper Hummingbirds and poppies 2

Commission painting oil on paper Hummingbirds and poppies 3



So here is the sketch for the 2nd painting. I decided to put two hummingbirds into this one. There are poppy heads in it and some lavender.

Sketch for Hummingbirds and Poppies and Lavender

I darkened the photo a bit. The sketch is very light on teh paper and did not show well. So to show it better and had to darken it.

Happy to announce that my oil on paper sold a couple of days ago.
Wonderful collector from Orlando snapped it up during my Spring sale.

She also asked me to paint a sister piece that will hang next to it.
It will be a 18 inch wide and 24 inch tall oil painting on paper.

I am totally excited to begin. I decided to purchase a few extra tubes of Williamsburg paint since that is the type of paint I used to the first one.

I prefer Williamsburg to almost any other paint but it is expense. Well you really get what you pay for.  

I ordered them Wednesday and had them shipped overnight express so they just arrived. Here is a picture of the new German Earth, Cadmium red medium, French Terra Verte, and Cobalt Turquoise Greenish.


Some of my older, some almost empty tubes of Williamsburg paint.
Check out the Williamsburg website for more information on this excellent paint.
They don't pay me or give me any discount for saying that!

Williamsburg Handmade Oil Paintings

So today is my promotions day and tomorrow I am going to develop the new painting.

I had a wonderful conversation with my client that gave me a good idea what she likes and she is great in that she gives me all the creative freedom I need to make the new painting a success. So I'll  go for a painting that will harmonize with the one she bought but be different at the same time.
This is the one she bought.


Watch me paint this piece!
Ginette Callaway
Ginette Callaway


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