Cypress Gardens South Carolina Impressionist Oil Painting

"Cypress Gardens"  Oil Painting by Ginette

18 inches tall x 18 inches wide
on 1.5 inch deep canvas, dark painted sides.


I was gliding gently across the water at Cypress Gardens in South Carolina. There were few if any people at the time and I felt like I was all alone except for my husband who was navigating the boat. I came back with many impressions, I took hundred of photos. Here is a painting of one of my impression. As you glide the lily pads and vegetation floating on the surface starts to sway and dance above the ripples the boat made. Even places that looked like solid ground began to move. The terrain is the same as it is in the Okefenokee National Park in Georgia. 
“Okefenokee” was the name used by the indigenous Creeks and was believed to mean, “Land of Trembling Earth”. As it turns out, that’s a popular but very loose and many believe incorrect translation. “Oka” means water in the Hitchiti Creek language and “Fenoke” means shaking in Hitchiti. So the original meaning of Okefenokee is more like “Waters Shaking” not the commonly held “Land of  Trembling Earth.”

Progress of Cypress Garden Oil Painting from Ginette Callaway on Vimeo.


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