Golf Legend Ben Hogan Merion 18th Hole Original Oil Painting by Ginette Callaway

Ben Hogan - Golf Legend

Dimensions: 36 x 48 x 1.50  inches

Ben Hogan at the 18th hole at Merion, Pennsylvania.

In 1950, Ben Hogan hit his famous one iron on the 18th hole and forced a playoff in the U.S.

He did this only a few weeks after shattering his pelvis in a car accident. He would go on to win the playoff.

Every Golf expert will know that this is Ben Hogan playing the
18th hole at at Merion, Pennsylvania.

I was motivated to paint him because I am an admirer of
Mr. Hogan. I find him to be a very interesting person and he has as
inspiring story. He passed away in 1997.

From his struggle to become a great player, to his overcoming of a
horrible car crash, to his long lasting marriage (62 years) to
his wife Valerie, his life story is fascinating.
I very much enjoyed painting this the project made me learn a lot about golf and especially about Mr. Hogan.



Early life

Ben Hogan was born in Stephenville, Texas and raised ten miles away in Dublin, Texas. His father Charles Hogan, a blacksmith, committed suicide when Ben was only nine years old. When Clara Hogan moved the family to Fort Worth, Texas, Ben helped the family put food on the table by delivering newspapers.

Professional Career

Early Struggles

Hogan started playing golf as a pro in 1931 at the young age of 17. He joined the PGA Tour two years later, but still had many flaws in his game, especially a very large hook in his swing. His early years as a pro were very difficult, and he went broke more than once. He left the tour and didn't return until 1937 . He did not win his first pro tournament until 1938, nine years after first turning pro. Hogan's wife Valerie believed in him, and this helped see him through the tough years, when he was still battling his hook, which he later cured

Swing change, start of success

When Hogan's struggles continued, he decided to switch his mechanics, a move that would change his career. John Omicinski, writing for Gannett News Service said, "(Hogan) lost his duckhook and start smashing shots of such purity that people came from miles around just to watch them fly.