Summer In The Garden Of Good And Evil Savannah Bird Girl Oil Painting Textured Canvas

Savannah Bird Girl
Summer In The Garden of Good & Evil

Fresh off my easel. This painting needs to dry before shipping. It will be ready to ship around May 10th 2017

Sides are painted black. Can be hung unframed, wire attached, ready to hang.

This is an original oil painting
24 inches tall and 12 inches wide and Museum canvas depths (2 3/8 inches).
(30.48 x 60.96 x 6 cm )

I have a fascination with the subject of Savannah of Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil, the famous novel by John Berendt,
the Bird Girl that was chosen for the book cover has become a symbol to me. The mystery and history of a city, that many call the most beautiful city in North America. 

"Summer In Garden of Good and Evil" is one of my 2017 interpretations of the spirit of Savannah, where the "Old South" and the "New South" are juxtaposed against the backdrop of Antebellum Mansions and Spanish Moss swaying in the hot Summer Breeze.

Of all the cities I have visited during my travels throughout teh south east, Savannah hold a special place. There is something different about Savannah. I can only put my finger on it, through these paintings.