Wetland Spirit Impressionist Original Oil Painting by Ginette

Hot Southern Sun Wetland Spirit 
Impressionist Oil Painting

The hot southern sun bathing the swamp in a warm golden glow.
The air hangs and moves like molasses, heavy like a wet blanket.
It pushed in my the face, I feel I suffocate.
Any breathe is welcome, even if only for a minute.
Nature can be raw and unforgiving. 
The animals make their way regardless. They don't seem to mind.
They were born into it. Elegant birds, egrets and herons glide as graceful as ever.
Only to me it seems unbearable, the climate, the deep summer, but the beauty is there, without a doubt, always.

Size: 20 x 20 x 1.50 inches on canvas
Sides are painted black, ready to hang.