The "Okefenokee" is what Native Americans called it, a word loosely translated means " Land of the trembling earth". A place I love to paint, a place that has captured my imagination. Still a place where one can imagine what this country must have been like when settlers first arrived. Especially here in Georgia, the thick landscape, the wetland, the wildness, it is preserved in this vast wetland called the Okefenokee. Black Water and tall cypress trees, alligators, snakes, birds, herons, insects aboud. Not a very hospitable place for us humans, to live in,  but a paradise for the native animals and plants. A peaceful place where silence is king and time appears to flow slower. An article was written by Rupa Sengupta for the Times of India, about the Okefenokee and  my painting "Copperhead Snake" To read the article Click HERE

 also paint Coastal Scenes and the Georgia Mountains.