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Hello and welcome to my online gallery. My name is Ginette and I am operating this website and create all the art you see here. I have been painting for two decades and been selling my art online since 1999. What you find here are traditional paintings. By that I mean, they are painted with real paint and real brushes, painted on real canvas, linen, or watercolor paper. It all takes place in my basement studio in my home in Georgia. I was born in Alsace France, to a German mother and a French father. I bounced between France and Germany during my childhood years and later lived and worked in Germany. At age 29 I moved to the US. I paint what interest me. Mostly nature, landscapes and still life pieces, but also anything that catches my interest in daily live. Of course I want to sell my art but I don't paint with that solely in mind. I hope you find something that catches your eye and buy my art. That is the best support you can give me. This is my full time activity, painting. When you purchase art here you will deal directly with me. 

If the original you see is a bit out of your price range you may contact me, sometimes we can work out a better price. You may also purchase my art prints on ginetteprints.com here on ginettecallaway.com you see THE ORIGINAL art. Thank You and Happy Shopping!