Impressionist custom oil paintings. landscapes, flowers or your favorite travel destination.

I paint custom paintings. Contact me for details

I will paint from your photos or use my own photos if you like. I have painted many original custom pieces. I use brush and palette knife. I paint oil and watercolor paintings, many watercolors I paint are on canvas or on paper your choice. Average turn around time is two months, that includes drying time. Watercolors take less time. Customer satisfaction guaranteed. If you don't like the end result you don't have to purchase. I don't do portraits. Contact me for details

Custom Impressionist Paintings by Ginette Callaway

December 2015 I painted this painting for Helen

Here are some other client photos commissions:

Christina who bought many paintings also commissioned me to paint a few including this one.

William Bell with one of his paintings. He commissioned many over the last 10 years

Angela who also commissioned many pieces over the years.


There are many more too many to list. 
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Two large commission oil paintings for Laura (2012)