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Ginette Press Kit

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Ginette Callaway BIO

Ginette was born in Alsace France to a German mother and a French father. 

She bounced back and forth between the two countries during early childhood.
Eventually becoming a German citizen and attending school in Germany.

At age 16 after graduating from school, Ginette entered an apprenticeship program at a large pharmaceutical wholesale company in Bad Kreuznach Germany Schulze & CO.

After finishing three years apprenticeship she graduated as Pharmaceutical Import Export merchant. She continues to work at that company until age 21 when she moved to Frankfurt. There she started to work in sales for CBS Records. Later CBS became SONY and Ginette continued to work in record sales until the age of 29.
Ginette moved to the United States and became a resident alien with permission to work at age 29.

Ginette worked at first as a counselor for a well known weight loss company and eventually freelanced for a local Atlanta record label, doing graphic designs and anything else that needed to be done. Ginette is very resourceful and has a can do attitude.

To expand her skills she attended a continuing education program for drawing and sketching at Clayton County College. There she received great support and her teacher urged her to start painting. Which she did. She immersed herself into books, research and self education in any way she could. Learning about art and about all the aspects of creating.

She never stopped. Ginette found, what she calls her calling, her happiness. Art and painting. Ginette paints almost every day, continues to learn about anything art and sells her original work and prints via online venues. Her originals are on her website, which is also created and maintains,

Artist Statement:

Ginette Callaway – Artist Statement


Let me tell you briefly about me and why I paint.

When I look back at earlier days from childhood, I can see why I eventually became a full time artist.

Creativity was already in my blood. Interestingly I don’t know anyone in my family who painted. But I picked up colors and even oil paint very early. For school I did elaborate drawing no matter if it was for history class or biology, I embellished every report with my drawings, if they wanted it or not.  

Today as a professional artist, I paint because it makes me perfectly happy. I simply cannot imagine doing anything else, all the time.  To have a blank piece of paper or canvas, to use to create my own world, my own vision, my own interpretation of something I saw, see or feel is just about the most fulfilling and exhilarating thing I could do. So that drives me to paint.

I may take out a camera to shot a pictures of, say a flower, but in my head I already see this flower becoming something else, I see distortion, I see simplification, I see change of color, in my mind’s eye I make it up and then I transpose it onto paper or canvas. I may take a picture of a landscape but I already know that there will be more trees, more sunshine or less, painting allows me to be creator of my world.

That is the best way I can describe why I paint. What I paint is what is interesting to me. That can be a landscape, a flower, a thing, a memory, an animal, if it interests me I paint it. ~Ginette

Ginette Press Kit Picture 1

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