1. Q: I am concerned about my purchase smelling like smoke or food.  Is your studio Smoke Free?

 A: YES. As a matter of fact my life is smoke free. My painting environment is also food and cooking free. The only thing you will smell on your painting when it arrives is oil paint, varnish or mediums. Regardless of age of painting, there can always be a slight smell to them. Sometimes if you turn a painting over you can see the oil paint stains on the back of the canvas. Most odor disappears after a while. Watercolor paintings are generally odor free, if you get very close and sniff there may be a slight smell of paint.
If someone has a  very sensitive nose and is bothered by the smell of paint or varnish, I would recommend purchasing my prints.

Purchase prints here http://ginette-callaway.artistwebsites.com/

 2. Q: Will the smell go away?

 A: Yes. I find that the smell goes away, but I am used to the smell so my nose, isn't as sensitive to it. I rather like the smell, real artist like!
Everyone is different, so I don't argue about that point.

As a fact I can say, that since selling oil paintings since 1999, I had many people comment on the smell and they usually like it. It tells them they are owning an original and not a print. Real paint smells like real paint. Most of the oil smell is from the linseed oil in paints. Other odor comes from varnishes. All of them fade over time. The paints that I use are all high quality.

 3. Q: How fast do you ship?

 A: I usually ship USPS  Priority Express. With larger paintings UPS GROUND depending on location. You can always discuss your specific needs with me, before you purchase.


If you have questions please submit them on contact page, I will add them to the Q & A if they are of common interest!