Weekend is coming up and I want to do something fun. I will have a painting locked behind a door, that will surprise you. It will be practically a give-away and there will be only a $1.00 charge, yes you see it right only One Dollar plus shipping which is only $10.00. So for $11.00 dollars you will see a really nice original painting. 
Whoever finds it first and puts it in the their shopping cart and goes through checkout is the lucky one. First come first serve. This is limited to those individuals, that have purchased something on ginettecallaway.com in 2015. The painting will be hidden on this site starting at 12 PM Tomorrow Saturday September 5th. It will remain until someone finds it. You can use search, but you have to be signed in for it to work. If you haven't bought anything from me this year, you can still do it. Create your log-in and purchase something before the search begins and I will add you to the select group of collectors that can partake in this fun game. 

I will make an announcement  here  and on Facebook, as soon as someone found it and took it.

Saturday at 11 AM , one hour before the search begins, I will post a hint on my Facebook page that you can use to figure out the search words, you may use to find the hidden painting. Visit my facebook page tomorrow at 11 AM to see the hint.

Anyone who purchased something here in 2015, and has created a log-in for themselves, will be able look for this hidden gem.
I promise this will not be some cast away art but a super nice original piece. Good luck!