Ginette In her Studio10My name is Ginette Callaway: I was born in Alsace France, lived in France and Germany and now in the United States.

I paint in oil and watercolors. My style that has evolved out of simply studying the art I see in museums and books, of those artists, who's work I admire most.

I love the Impressionists/Post Impressionists, specifically Monet & Van Gogh, also Chagall and Matisse. The Russian Impressionist Nicolai Fechin is also one of my favorites. I don't try to copy them but I have studied, their techniques and brush/knife strokes and colors, and I feel passionate about painting that way. I also like lines and ink, Japanese and Chinese art. In my watercolor and ink paintings there may be a bit of that influence visible.

I paint what I like and what interest me. Painting is what I do, every day. It's not a hobby for me, it's my life and livelihood. I don't write poetry or books, I paint. I put on canvas, what I admire, my memories, my wishes, places I've been or want to see, people I admire or have met, Things I have done or want to do. Things I see around me and my dreams. That is all I can say to the question, why I paint what I paint. I live and relive life through my art.

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