Words 10/2016

Discovering my artistic talents was one of the greatest moments in my life.

I have done so many wonderful things and my life was so far truly adventures. I have studied dance in my youngest years, starting as a five year old because my grandmother knew it would help to correct my posture and feet posture problems, that I had since birth. It actually helped a lot!

Later I continued with dance because it was expressive and a good physical fitness regimen.

I also rescued a horse from slaughter and became very involved in riding and horsemanship for many years. These were some of the best experiences in my life.

Later I immigrated to the US and here it was, where I discovered for sure my painting talent. Here in the United States is were I felt, I could realise this talent on a truly professional bases. That is what I did.

Throughout the years there were ups and downs, as far as selling art and making ends meet. Beings an artist as the one and only activity to earn a living, is not for everyone. It's not a secure paycheck and there is no health insurance either.

You rise and fall with the tides of economic and political happenings.

But I am the master of your own day, my schedule, my freedom.
Sometimes people say to me "Oh that is so great, if you don't want to work you just don't!" Well that is not so. If I don't work a day or two, I better have a real good reason, like I am so sick that I can't get out of bed. Because if I don't work and become a slacker, I surely don't make any money.

I probably work more hours than I did working at CBS Records in Germany in sales. It was 9 to 5 and when I left the office, I was off to do other things. As a self employed artist and as a one women operation the hours are long and the workweek is 7 days, mostly.

But I really never feel like wanting to do anything else. I never look at the clock wondering when the "workday" will be over. Time flies and the cliche of saying "Time flies when you're having fun" describes it best.

I have been doing well, my next step is to get more people, that want to buy art, to find my website. Getting website exposure on the internet and finding the buyers is the biggest challenge. Funny enough, it is much more difficult then painting.

There are those days, that I wake up to wonderful messages from buyers, as well as admirers. Those are the things that remind me all the time that what I do is the right thing for me, when someone left a wonderful comment on one of my paintings.

Today was another one of those inspiring days, that lifted me up and give me that extra push that needed infusion of human love and kindness, that even an artist needs. :-)

Here is the comment that I got from Kathy. She posted this on one of my paintings here is a link

Love Your Work ... Love the Demonstration!

Thank you so much for this demonstration Ginette; I am very drawn to your paintings, so colorful and vivid I could almost taste them! I have been wanting to work in ink and watercolor, but am not skilled in the techniques, so the few times I've tried were not great successes. You make it look effortless, but I know it's not easy and requires serious talent. You are not rigid – you paint with abandon – a free spirit – and that is why your artwork reflects such movement and originality. As if the awesome painting demonstration wasn't enough of a treat in itself, the addition of coffee and the kitty (2 of the best things on earth), in the frame, made it truly special! Merci beaucoup, and happy painting! ..... Kathy in Ohio