Autumn Trees Landscape Original Watercolor by Ginette Callaway

by: Ginette Fine Art

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Autumn Colors Fall Trees Landscape

Expressive, energetic landscape, bold colored brushstrokes in watercolor.

This painting is not framed. I show you a framing images, to give you an idea what it can look like and the approximate dimension on a wall

18 inches by 12 inches Watercolor on Watercolor Paper. This painting is one of the few that I did not use ink linework. 


How I create my watercolor & ink paintings: "I first do most of the ink work. I do not pre draw anything. I go straight to work with various nib sizes and dipping ink. The objective is to be loose and painterly. After establishing the ink lines I use watercolor to create shadow and light and vibrant colors, I work in layers. There is no erasing whatsoever, so everything even inks droplets that may fall are part of the art. Incidentals like ink drops are some of my favorite parts. Finally I add more ink lines to enhance certain areas in the painting. I then sign in ink and voila!"


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