Bahamas Memories Palms and Beach Original Watercolor and Ink

Palms & Beach Island Hide Away
Watercolor Painting

Original Painting

12 by 9 inches
Watercolor on 140 lb watercolor paper

My Island get away. It's only on watercolor paper, but all dreams start with an idea and believing.
I used to visit the ‎Bahamas‬ many times.


Grand Bahama Island where Friends had a restaurant the "Travellers Rest". One of them has recently passed away. That really made me sad, he was such a part of the Bahamas. A Bahamian born entertainer and community figure, a kind and generous person he was.
I've been to ‪#‎Eleuthera‬ which is a less known and secluded island of the whole chain of islands. I had the pleasure of mingling with the locals due to knowing people that live on the Islands. The water is just amazing. The beaches everything is like nothing I had ever been to even in Europe where I travelled when Living there.


On Eleuthera there is a spot called "Glass Window" and there is a bridge. If you stand on one side, the water is churning and wild and dark, a few steps on the other side there is white beach and caribbean waters. Very cool.


One year when I visited it was right after ‪‎Hurricane‬ ‎Floyd‬ in 1999. That storm pounded the Bahamas for 12 hours and I saw washed out roads and piers totally gone. I remember our Bahamian friend driving around missing road sections, to show us some of the worst hit areas.

I will remember the Bahamas and Bahamian people fondly I hope to visit again some day! I wouldn't mind living on Eleuthera or one of the other smaller islands part of the year and paint the beauty there.


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