Botanical Dandelions Modern Impressionist Original Oil Painting by Ginette Callaway

Dandelions Medicinal Plants Taraxacum officinale Lions Tooth


The English name, dandelion, is a corruption of the French dent de lion[ which means
"Lion's Tooth", referring to the coarsely toothed leaves.
Oil painting by Ginette Callaway on Canvas
Sides are staple free.
Wire is attached and the panting is ready to hang.

Size: 20 heights x 16 widths x 0.75 inches deep"
Stretched canvas / Frame not included
This is my Impressionistic oil painting painted with brush and knife in a
traditional manner.
This painting as a lemony yellow and some warmer yellow as well. My Ginette Lime Green, which you can find in many of my paintings. There is also a muted green and touches of some brighter green as well. A hint of rose color that is another mix of mine not to red, not too purple, not pink, more of an old rose. Against the yellow is set a bit of lavender as a compliment.


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