California Redwood Sequoia Trees Impressionist Original Oil Painting

California Redwood Sequoia Trees 

Dimensions: 28 inches tall and 22 inches wide and 1.75 inches deep

(Sides are painted dark, the painting will be ready to hang) Frame is not included.

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of our National Parks Service in 2016. America's National Parks are a rich heritage of some of the best, nature has to offer. From the majestic high mountain ranges, to the silent, still waters, or raging rivers, to the long trails, lined with ancient trees, all non human witnesses of the history of this land, we stand in awe of them.

They are the places where animals roam, billions of strings in nature that weave us together, to something that is unseen but we do feel it when we are there, in the presence of that, which can not be defined in words.

Million of people enjoy our National Parks every day. Souls are restored and spirits are lifted as only nature can do.
We are so lucky to have our National Parks.

Sequoia sempervirens
Coast redwoods occupy a narrow strip of land approximately 750 km (470 mi) in length and 8–75 km (5–47 mi) in width along the Pacific coast of North America; the most southerly grove is in Monterey County, California, and the most northerly groves are in extreme southwestern Oregon. The elevation range is mostly from 30–750 metres (98–2,460 ft) above sea level, occasionally down to 0 and up to 920 m (about 3,000 feet)


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