Cecil the Lion No More Original Watercolor & Ink 30 by 22 inch

Cecil The Great Patriarch Gone Forever

Cecil was one of the great lions of Africa. A protector with many years of experience and wisdom. He left behind his pride that included, his baby lions. He was killed to become someone's trophy, because for some people that is a fun sport. It took hours for Cecil to die, he suffered, since he was only wounded with an arrow. When they hunted the wounded lion down, they finished him off and then decapitated him. Dr. Walter Palmer a Dentist wanted Cecil's head for his black mane. Very sad.

Cecil was part of a research project and he wore a collar, he was lured out of his protective area with bait in order to be killed, while being blinded with headlights.
No charges were brought against anyone for this cowardly act. 

I grew up with the wonders of wild Africa, images on TV, of a land far away where the most amazing animals still roam. A place like no other, the continent of Africa.

We live in such a wondrous world. We are only leasing it for a while, it belongs to the next generation and the next and the next.

"Go into the wild, take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints!"

30 x 22 inches ORIGINAL Watercolor and Ink Painting

On 300 LB Fabriano Watercolor Paper (Frame is NOT included)

Signed : Yes front & Back

WATERMARKS are NOT on the original painting.


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