Criminal Minds Aaron Hotchner in 100 Episode Original Portrait Painting 20 by 16 inch by Ginette

Criminal Minds Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner
ORIGINAL Acrylic painting Size: 20 x 16 inches on canvas
Sides are painted dark, ready to hang
Artist: Ginette Callaway

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Criminal Minds Season 5 Episode 9 100 Hotch is racing to the house that he and Haley shared while they were married. Its there where The Boston Reaper is holding Haley at gun point, telling Hotch that he will kill her and their son. Hotch is on the phone with Haley, while desperately racing to the house listening speaking to Haley while the Reaper is standing behind her with a gun to her neck. Hotchs, Haleys and Jacks future is condensed to whatever seconds are left before the Reaper will pull the trigger. Hotch knows the Reaper, and he know that he will kill Haley unless he can get to them before it is too late. But he is too far away and powerlessness. Hotch tries everything to keep Haley strong, Show him no weakness, no fear! he says. Haley makes him promise to tell Jack, their son, how they met and that he wasn't always so serious. The future of the lives of three people condensed in to 60 seconds, what to say, so much to say so many regrets. No do overs! Is this it? Even though they are divorced Hotch still loves Haley. Now he is is powerless, he wont be able to save Haley, cant drive fast enough, cant run fast enough, cant turn back the hands of time when he could have given in, when the reaper offered him a deal I stop hunting them, if you stop hunting me when Hotch responded I don't make deals, Im the guy who hunts guys like you! the Reaper Responds You'll regret this! and then Hotch hung up the Phone. Choices we make following principle and duty and the price we pay for our choices and sometimes others pay the price. The question looms Should he had made a deal? Probably not. One of the most powerful episodes of Criminal minds and as usual Thomas Gibson in his role as Hotch, gives us an outstanding emotional performance!

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