France Travel Annecy Canal Bridge Boats Original Impressionist Oil Painting by Ginette Callaway

France Travel Annecy Canal Bridge Boats

Original Impressionist Impasto Oil Painting

Size: 18 x 24 x 0.75 inches on Heavy Grade Linen
Frame is not included.

Odessa Russian Heavy Linen. This linen is superior to cotton canvas and if you are looking or quality it is the best. Perfect for a Fine Art Investment.

For instance, if you simply are looking for a painting that will look good for a year or two matching the colors of your room, in other words a piece of "Home Decor" a lesser quality paint surface will probably do. Standard cotton canvas is much thinner and often lacks in tightness, having to be readjusted after a while when slacking. This can also happen if you try to stretch a canvas yourself. Do it yourself is great if you are a handy sort of person and are just looking for a piece of decor at a low price.

if you are looking for a lasting fine art investment you can be assured this artwork will not disappoint

From the quality of the surface I paint on to the paint I use. If you have question please don't hesitate to ask.

More info on this linen:
When you need a truly unique, extremely textured surface that will enhance and be an important element in your painting, then Odessa Professional Large Extra Bold Linen Canvas is the perfect choice! Imported from the Ukraine, this tactile and textured linen is made from the highest quality, long grain flax fibers, and is not pumiced after it is woven, making for a raw, organic finish that lets the true nature of the linen show through. This heavy weight linen is first stretched onto sturdy, solid pine stretcher bars, then taped and primed with either acrylic or oil primer. The primer continues to stretch the canvas even further as it dries, leaving an amazing, drum-tight surface ideal for supporting heavy paint layers and bold brush strokes. Odessa Large Extra Bold weave is an impressive, highly textural surface that interacts with the paint and is as unique as your art! Make an extraordinary statement with Odessa Large Extra Bold Professional Linen Canvas!

See where I purchase my stretched linen

(Sides do not have staples and are painted dark (the painting will be ready to hang)
If you prefer the sides to be painted light please let me know I can repaint from dark to white or off white.



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