Hollywood Classics Cary Grant 2 Original Watercolor Painting

Classic Movie Stars 
Young Cary Grant #2
18 x 12 inch ORIGINAL Watercolor Painting

On Acid Free Watercolor Paper (The painting will arrive without a frame or mat but I am showing a picture here how it could possibly be framed)

"My most favorite movie with Cary Grant is probably "Indiscreet" (1958) where he co-stars with Ingrid Bergman, also one of my favorite actresses. 

The quirky humor of this movie never gets old. A romantic comedy that is not schmaltzy.

A really wonderful lift me up kinda movie. The plot is great too and I won't give it away.
I love the scene where Anna played by Ingrid Bergman, has cold cream on her face looking at Philip played by Cary Grant, with her mouth open, as he stands with all his charming self, in the door, holding his luggage, his hat and his coat over his arm, smiling like a Cheshire cat, saying "The door was open!". You have to see what led up to this moment. The movie is filled with incredible dialog, twists and turns.

Here is a watercolor painting of a young Cary Grant. He was always dressed impeccably. He brought much of his persona into his roles, he was even in real life, what I would consider a true gentlemen.

Cary Grant on IMDb

Of course he starred in many movies, all successful. North by Northwest is maybe the best known.

You can watch this movie on youtube.


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