Jessica McClintock Perfume Bottle - Original Watercolor and Ink by Ginette Callaway

Perfume Bottle Painting


One of a series of perfume bottles. All of these paintings are of perfumes I use or have used over the years.
I collect many of the bottles.

Jessica McClintock is very floral and feminine. Crisp and refreshing.

Very nice for daytime. It's one of my staples.
The bottle is lovely too.

 If you like I will spray the back of the painting with this perfume.

Watercolor & Ink on Watercolor Paper

Size : 10 x 14 Inches

Signed : Yes front & Back

FREE Shipping within US Mainland

WATERMARKS are NOT on the original painting.

Ownership of the original painting does NOT imply rights to reproduce.

All reproduction rights remain with me the artist Ginette Callaway.

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