Landscape Wetland Swamp Morning Georgia Impressionist Original Oil Painting on Linen by Ginette

Swamp Morning Okefenokee Georgia
Impressionist Oil Painting

It is early morning  the swamp is waking up... oh wait the swamp never sleeps, but on this morning the swamp seems especially lively. 

The birds are singing loud as if they are trying to alert the rest of the swamp. It is misty, foggy but in a few hours the sun will break through hard and it will be another hot summer day!"


Size: 24 x 18 x 0.75 inches on Odessa Russian Heavy Linen. This linen is superior to cotton canvas and if you are looking or quality it is the best. Perfect for a Fine Art Investment.

Extremely textured, large grain natural linen canvas
Linen is not pumiced, for a unique, nubby, non-uniform finish
Solid pine stretcher bars with graduated sizing
Canvas is first stretched and back-stapled, then primed for a drum-tight surface

(Sides do not have staples and are painted dark (the painting will be ready to hang)
If you prefer the sides to be painted light please let me know I can repaint from dark to white or off white.


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