Hollywood Classics The Birds Hitchcock Inspired Large Oil Painting

Vintage Hollywood Series - Tippi Hedren
20 x 60 x 1.5 " Original OIL on Gallery Wrap Canvas.

 Based on one of my favorites classic Hitchcock movies.

If you are not familiar with the movie, it's one of those that I can and watch over and over. Classic Hitchcock.

I took one of my favorites scenes in which MELANIE DANIELS played by Tippi Hedren is sitting on a bench in front of the school house play yard. The school children are singing and the sound of the voices is coming from the school house. We watch Melanie light a cigarette while waiting (she is there to pick up Cathy) and we also see what is happening behind her. Of course she is oblivious. While we anxiously see birds accumulating in silence behind her, more and more birds, black crows, Melanie looks to the left, to the right, smoking just waiting, the singing children make for an spooky and foreboding atmosphere.

Eventually Melanie spots a lone bird in the sky and her eyes follow it and eventually her head follows it she turns and follows it landing on the playground. This is what the painting was inspired by.

The children still sing an the song is coming to an end

I asked my wife to wash the floor.
Ristle-tee, rostle-tee, mo, mo, mo!
She gave me my hat and showed me the
door! Ristle-tee, rostle-tee, hey
bombosity, knickety-knackety,
(the song slows -- it
is near the end)
Willoby-wallaby, mmmmmmmo, mmmmmmmoo, Mo!

Melanie suddenly sees hundred of birds covering the playground. Horrified she slowly gets up...

I took the scenes of her watching the lone bird as Hitchcock instead of cutting back to the birds behind her, gives as an experience as seen through the eyes of Melanie. Seeing this single bird and following it to the point, where she must turn around and then she and the audience, us, see that hundreds of birds have gathered behind her. 

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