SOLD Wild Lavender and Bees Provence Ink and Oil On Canvas

by: Ginette Fine Art

Wild Lavender and Bees Provence

This is an Original Ink and Oil Painting on canvas


The canvas is size 36 inches tall and 24 inches wide (91.4 x 61 Centimeters)

Sides are 1.5 inches deep. 


This is done in a lose, sketchy expressive fashion.

Painting the floral imagery dancing in my head from my ays of early childhood is a great passion of mine.

One of which I never tire. I escape in to my own little world of memories. One can never go back and find the same but in my head it never changes.


Spring and Summer days with my brother who is only one year older than, that is what I remember when I remember my France of early childhood.



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