Wildflowers Milk Thistles and Bees Healing Plants Watercolor Painting

Interesting and Delightful: A Beautiful Flowering Medicinal Plant.

Size: 12" x 9" inches (30.48 x 22.86 centimeters) Watercolor and Ink on Watercolor Paper (Note: Frame and Mat are not included)


My Grandmother instilled in me a great appreciation for Beautiful Medicinal plants and is something I have studied and have had a great interest in my whole life. Beautiful Healing plants grow all over the world, most people, unfortunately, consider them weeds and are missing out on some spectacular flowering plants.

Did you know flowering weeds benefit all flowering plants by attracting pollinating bees?

Many large wild meadows are disappearing these days, so I was happy to see a nearby community called Serenbe, Georgia is creating and preserving natural places. On my next trip I will have to explore the wildflower meadow and linger there for a while.

How I create my watercolor and ink paintings: I first do most of the ink work without pre-drawing anything. I go straight to work with various nib "tip" sizes and dipping ink. The objective is to be loose and painterly.

After establishing the ink lines I use watercolor to create shadow and light and vibrant colors, I work in layers. There is no erasing whatsoever, so everything even inks droplets that may fall are part of the art. Incidentals like ink drops are some of my favorite parts.

Finally, I add more ink lines to enhance certain areas in the painting. I then sign in ink and voila!"

Wildflowers Milk Thistles and Bees Healing Plants Watercolor Painting

See me paint a watercolor: