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Ginette Callaway


Born in Forbach, France, Ginette Callaway entered the world destined to perceive it through a colorful, imaginative lens. She spent her childhood years passionately putting her heart and soul onto paper and canvas. However, challenging times fell on young Ginette’s life when her mother divorced and remarried. Living through years of abuse from her stepfather, Ginette found herself in desperate need to reclaim the innocence lost at such a young age.

Decades later, she rediscovered the passionate, creative young girl in her and took solace in painting. Today, she calls herself a "happy painter," drawing her strength from the freedom, serenity, and solace she feels when her brush meets the canvas. She's a brave soul who turned her painful experiences into a source of creativity and freedom.

Ginette worked for a small record label in Atlanta, Georgia, where she first discovered her artistic potential while attending art classes at a local college. Despite the absence of any artists in her immediate family, her relentless passion and talents shone, prompting her art teacher to encourage her to dedicate herself to painting.

Ginette’s professional journey started in sales, working for a pharmaceutical company in Germany. She later transitioned to Sony Records, again in a sales role. Regardless of the turns in her career, her passion for painting stayed strong and eventually led her back to her artistic path.

The inspiration for Ginette's work is life itself. Her senses are captivated by the day-to-day rhythm of life and the perennial cycles of nature. She believes in the power of simple existence and the gratitude of being alive and healthy, especially after surviving a stroke. She allows her appreciation for weather, animals, trees, and the changing seasons, to inspire her and dictate her subject matter.

Like all artists, Ginette has her creative rituals. She meditates, visualizes, and then gives shape to her visions with her brush strokes. Her technique is a product of decades of trials, errors, and practising, resulting in a unique style characterized by vivid colors, unconventional views, and its casual, almost naive charm.

Ginette's artwork is much admired, with dedicated admirers collecting her original oil, watercolour, and mixed-media masterpieces. Despite not receiving recognition from galleries or noteworthy awards, Ginette remains true to her art and her followers. She is an inspiration to anyone who crosses her path. Still cherishing the freedom and power she found through her art, she continues to create and inspire.

Apart from painting, Ginette carries her appreciation for life into her other interests. She loves learning, spending time with animals – especially horses and cats – and delving into history and science.

Ginette sees art as an essential element of her life, a fundamental survival tool, contributing color, emotion, and passion to an otherwise bland world. She believes art is pervasive in all spheres and values the creativity and design that turns ordinary into beautiful. Her ultimate goal is to continue inspiring others through her art.

Ginette's journey reflects the power of art and its ability to heal, inspire, and bring beauty and joy into our lives. This "happy painter's" story is a testament to the power of resilience and a love for art. Her unique lens gives viewers across the globe a taste of her enchanting world on canvas. As this remarkable artist continues her journey, one thing is certain; Ginette Callaway will never stop painting.

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