Big Announcement FREE ART DOWNLOAD images for your unlimited PERSONAL USE

Yes it's true, I am  going to give away free downloads of art images that I have  painted over the last three decades. You may use them for personal use. Today I posted 10 images but  I will add more every week. 

I do all this myself, the creating,  the processing, everything that you can imagine goes with running an art business. It never ends. I have looked  through my art photo files and that is when I got the idea to give some of them away as downloadable file.  If you like  that and if you want  to show your appreciation,  you can leave me a tip at the bottom of the free artwork page. Any amount will do. I assure you I can use it. If only to resupply my paints and canvas and my every present French roast coffee. Two years after I had a stroke I am back in the saddle again and I can even drink my coffee again, that's how well I recovered. THANK G-D and all my well wishers! Spreading the LOVE!

So without further ado, check out the free downloads. 

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