Latest Painting I just finished yesterday

Here is a painting I finished yesterday. It's a 20 x 16 inch oil on canvas I call it “The Desert  Blooms” what do you think? Leave a comment. 

I will photograph it in the next few days with my Canon  camera, to get perfect photos. After that it will be available as art prints and the original too.
It will be ready to ship in about a month, must dry first. Really thick  impasto brushwork. I love it. 

It was time to buy some  new oil  paints. Not that I have many already  but I wanted to add to  my palette a  few new hues from a certain brand that I like a lot. So here are  some photos. It's all the new  hues I will incorporate into my new  oil paintings. As a matter of fact, yesterday I finished this painting. “The Desert Blooms” as a part  of my Texas paintings, but this scene is universal as it would also fit for New Mexico, California, Arizona maybe too.

It's a different palette but I feel this is perfect  for this scene.

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